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Function Front doors make a statement as they are the first thing people see upon entering the home. Today they need to do more than just look good and function. Finding a quality front doors can be challenging with the large selection you will find on the market. Keep in mind the elements they are exposed to from freezing rain to hundred degree sunny days. Should your door have a window or is it safer to go with a solid door to protect against possible burglary.

Types Wood is one of the most common materials used for doors but it may not be the right choice. Wood is rich filled with the natural grains, however it is also known to crack, buckle, chip and even grow mold. Metal doors are sturdier construction vs. wooden doors and now have the look one wants. Newer doors come in all types including wood, steel, aluminum or even fiberglass. Solid doors are used mainly for exterior and hollow doors for interior, but bedroom or doors to a garage should be upgraded to a solid door to provide sound barrier and help control heating and air conditioning.

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